Inconsistency speaks loudly….

An inconsistent action is a consistent answer ….~ Stephan Labossiere

Man …. this quote truly spoke to me. I have been reading a book by Mr. Labossiere about finding the man God has for you, but we not gonna get into my love life… (at least not today , right? ) He was speaking about how some men tell you they don’t want a relationship, but they treat you like their girlfriend and want you to act like one. These men say they don’t want commitment , but limit who you can spend time with. Basically , they speak one thing and their actions say another. By doing this, Stephan tells us we can pretty much realize this man is consistently inconsistent and NOT SOMEONE you want to enter in a relationship with comfortably.

What I want to focus on is how easily we miss how people treat us because we focus so much on what they are saying. Eloquent words and poetic promises have hypnotized our ability to discern what people actually are doing.

In the body of Christ, we are speaking Bible but our actions aren’t lining up with the Word. We praise God and say we are waiting patiently, but people watch us anxiously pursuing what we claimed to be waiting on. We not only must be hearers of the word but doers. In a world drowning in social media sensationalism, people are starting to watch and criticize how we behave from behind the keyboard. This world is looking for authenticity. We have to be the light not just turn it on with our words….

Embrace consistency today! Overcome having fluent words but not a stable lifestyle to back up those words. Overcome inconsistency

Be consistently and authenticity YOU!!!


~A Restored Outcast

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Christian, Overcomer


God is speaking, but what DO YOU want Him to say? Do you start your day listening? Are you listening to God early for instructions? Is this another chance to get your life in order? Do you ask for guidance and wisdom? We always have thoughts and questions we need answers too, but is that the ONLY reason we go to God?!?When you are in relationships with others, it would be offensive and extremely intrusive if you only spoke with them to ask for things. If would be heartbreaking If you only wanted to hear from someone to get information and answers. You build relationships by getting to know someone better. You speak to them to understand who they are. Go to God just to get to know Him. He wants your attention, love and affections. He wants to walk and talk with you. Learn His characteristics and ways. Listen to hear and understand. Spend time entering into a secret place with God! Go deeper in your relationship!Be blessed and Overcome, ~a Restored Outcast

Christian, Overcomer

Someday You Will Understand…

As we stand for Christ and walk out our purposes in Him, We don’t understand a lot of what we go through. We know He is forming us and shaping our lives. We know that we are being sanctified and made more like Jesus. We know our minds are being renewed and transformed. We understand the results, But the methods often baffle us.

We spend many waisted moments trying to figure out what God is doing. They did the same thing with Jesus. Everything about His life confounded and exposed those who didn’t believe . His birth wasn’t normal, His life was Spirit led and His phenomenal death still confuses many. The key things we have to remember. God is in control and intentional. He has a purpose and plan for everything we go through. Jesus knew and understood His plan.

Go deeper in your relationship with God. Allow Him to speak and give comfort regarding your situation. You may not understand ALL the details, but your peace will come from knowing It’s under control!!! Eventually it will all be revealed!

Be encouraged and stand in your someday! This will all make sense…

~A Restored Outcast


Love Past the Offense

Overcome Being Offended!!! This is a must Read!!!

Women in the Waiting

7545-062713_verses_1peter_4_8 love multitude sins

There comes a point in our lives when we have to make the decision to love past the offense. People hurt each other every single day. There is no one exempt from doing the hurting or being the one hurt. Sometimes things are done unintentionally. When you hold a grudge, you are the one who suffers most. Your mind is plagued with what happened, and it becomes difficult for you to enjoy life. On the other hand, when you hurt someone and you know it, you should put pride aside and ask them to forgive you. I don’t believe everyone that betrays you is a bad seed. I believe people have some serious issues and need someone to help them overcome some things. Many, people don’t know how to have healthy relationships because they don’t know what one looks like. People are reacting to what they have been through or…

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Christian, Overcomer

A New Thing…

Sometimes the hardest part of moving forward in God, is letting go of the “old” man. The person we use to be before the love of Christ consumed us. God has been speaking and He is extremely willing and more than capable of filling us with new, without any lingering residue from the old. He is looking to give us new ears, to hear what He is saying! He is giving us new eyes, so we can see His glorious works, and His Spirit move in this corrupted world! He is giving us new thoughts, to replace our wayward sinful ones! He is giving us new opportunities, new positions and new people to surround ourselves with! The atmosphere has shifted and the new is springing forth! We are going higher and deeper as we dive into the new.

To spring forth means to leap, dash, pounce, or burst forth. There is excitement in those descriptions! They take place quick, and can almost seem unexpected. Guess what? With God, we can expect these things because it proclaims it in His Word! We will expect the unexpected!

Keep your focus on the new and trust God for the manifestations to spring forth in your life and EXCEED all you could ever ask or expect the Lord to do!

Overcome the Old and embrace the New!!!

~ A Restored Outcast

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Just a Moment…

My favorite scripture is Galatians 6:9 , where the Word reminds us to not be weary in well doing for in DUE season, we will reap if we don’t faint. I am reminded daily to hold on to the promises of God in spite of what my situation looks like. Today, I want to encourage you that your due season can come upon you in an INSTANT! Stay focused on Christ and EXPECT your move at ANY MOMENT. That’s ALL it takes for your life to change is a moment.


~A Restored Outcast


Overcome Suffering….

As we “march” into this new month, stay focused on what God is trying to birth in you. Sometimes the pain of our situation tries to supersede what God is doing IN us. Don’t look at who understands you in this season, or how you are being perceived by others. Don’t focus on how much it hurts. Keep your mind on Christ who has been there before. Keep your mind on how you are being formed and fashioned to look like our Savior through adversity and sufferings. Overcome the temporary affliction of pain and look to the eternal benefits of growing intimate with the King! His glory WILL BE REVEALED! Trust in His Word!!!


~ A Restored Outcast

Impact, Overcomer

Be Alert…

There are many things God has promised us. Let us set our mind on Him, seeking the Kingdom , as we wait for those promises to manifest in our lives. (ref Matt 6:33) Let’s be honest…with all the new gadgets, entertainment and social media excitement , we tend to lose our focus rather easily. These things are temporal when observed next to our eternal King!!! Distractions come quick and usually don’t announce themselves, so be sober and alert!!!

Overcome distractions…Be blessed and DO NOT Be Distracted

~A Restored Outcast


Overcome Your Flaws …

Accept the gift of grace given to you. This holiday season is about the birth of redemption and grace. God Loves you so much. Look at yourself and thank God for the Savior, the Wonderful Counselor, the Prince of Peace who came that we may have life MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!

Be blessed, Merry Christ-mas, and Overcome Your Flaws!

~A Restored Outcast