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Good Vs God

This world has so many things to keep us occupied. There is never a lack of an event or entertainment avenue for us to participate in. We spend time working throughout the week , then filling up our weekend with more activities to have a break from our work week! We do more just to take a break from doing? Doesn’t make sense does it, but daily, weekly, monthly, we do it… and for what? 

We seem to believe God makes all these things available for our pleasure. We seem to believe God supplying all of our needs means all our worldly adventures. We seem to believe resting means being stimulated by outside resources. And none of these things are necessarily bad, right? The better question is are the really good? Are they building God’s kingdom? Are souls being saved by our actions and adventures? Everything may be good, but is it good for YOU to be doing as a believer??? 

Check your lifestyle and see if you are filling your days with things that are permissible ( okay to do ), but not beneficial ( not having true meaning or purpose ). Check your heart to see if you would RATHER be doing things that make you FEEL good as oppose to actions that make others FEEL God! Allow your daily life to line up with God’s agenda, not yours! Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to do things that are needed for the Kingdom, not just pleasurable! 

Let’s not settle for good, when God is clearly the better choice! 

Let’s Overcomer this…. 

~ A Restored Outcast